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When it comes to WordPress security, your primary concern should be protecting your site from being hacked. You may not think anyone has any reason to hack your site but the truth is hackers are searching Google for vulnerable WordPress websites. So if you used one of those auto-install wizards your site is likely one of those vulnerable websites and on the hackers hit list. The hacker wants to spam hundreds of thousands of people using your name and then onto the next victim. It’s nothing personal, it’s just how they protect themselves, by throwing you into the fire and not themselves… that’s how they survive, like predators that feed on helpless prey.

Where do we begin?

When it comes to WordPress security, it’s pretty basic although not terribly obvious. To start, we’ll want to do a quick audit on the configuration of your WordPress website.

What’s included?

As a standard practice, our WordPress security service includes the following components:

  • Update all software
  • Secure file permissions
  • Install Malware Scanner
  • Install Login Firewall
  • Install nightly backup system

What will it cost?

The service is a flat $100 CAD and takes roughly 2 business days to complete from the moment you place your order. It can also be done on the live website without any downtime!

Are there any guarantees?

The only guarantee we can make is that nothing will break and provide 2 weeks of quality assurance after the service is complete. This means that if you lock yourself out of your website or need to re-instate something that has been disabled, you can call on the WPMD for assistance. There after, you will need to stay on top of your software updates or your site may become vulnerable again. If you want updates managed for you, we recommend moving your website to a managed WordPress web host. Contact us for for recommendations on a web host that is suited for your website.

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